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Agatha is the first smart purchasing assistant for electronic component manufacturing.

Guaranteeing production timelines. Immediately dealing with new market conditions. Instantly profitable.



Meet Agatha
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Production Certainty

Your production timelines are planned thanks to Agatha with greater certainty, and immediately come under your control through automation and real-time order optimization.

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Reducing Costs

Cost-saving purchase opportunities such as overstock discounts and end-of-quarter rebates are accessed by Agatha instantly through real-time, market-wide search.

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Optimizing Inventory

MOQ opportunities are constantly available and in real-time. Agatha saves you money through instant, customizable and continuous arbitration.

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The Agatha

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Meet our successful clients

  • price
    We now have access to real-time price opportunities
    Dominique Chanteau VP Purchasing
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  • moq
    MOQ opportunities saved us $1m+ in a few months
    Claude Valenza Supply-Chain Director
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  • shortgages
    Live screening of stock availability minimizes shortages
    Patrick Lebossé Head of Procurement and Supply-Chain
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Want to see Agatha in action?

Contact us to for a demonstration to learn how Agatha can help improve your electronic manufacturing capacity and capabilities