Modernize your Electronic Component Supply Chain.

The Electronic Component Management Software that brings fairness, efficiency, and visibility to your supply chain.

Enhancing efficiency for our customers every day.

With more transparency on your transactions, you are sure to get the fair market value for your components.

Simplify tasks for your purchasing, logistics, quality control, and finance teams to improve efficiency across your entire organization.

Get a complete view of market availability and prices. Improve your sourcing of hard-to-find parts or find cost saving opportunities.

Make sure your organization follows your quality control policy for the open market. Verify all components are reliable and authentic through our independent lab.

Easily work together on shortage issues, obsolete components, and cost saving with your teams, suppliers, and with other OEM/EMS.

Instead of managing RFQs, Quotes, POs by email, post requirements, get offers, and choose the best deals in a new, modern and efficient way.

Work smarter, not harder

Precogs offers you a full range of digital supply chain services

  • Easily onboard your preferred brokers.
  • Automate the buying/selling process.
  • Coordinate better with your partners.
  • Deal with shortages, obsolescence, cost savings in a safe online environment.
  • Ensure components are authentic with independent lab testing.
  • Manage your excess inventory and get market insights.

We’ve increased our RFQ coverage by 15%, and managed to set-up a standardized purchasing process among 7 sites and 40 users

Supply-Chain Manager


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