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Hello, I'm Agatha

I’m your smart, virtual assistant for purchasing electronic components. Say goodbye to your existing error-prone processes and let me show you the efficient future of large-scale manufacturing procurement.

Your Virtual Purchasing Assistant.

Agatha is the first big-data solution automating and optimizing purchasing for the electronic supply chain to provide immediate and tangible results. As cloud-based software running continuously in the background, Agatha can take advantage of market opportunities according to conditions you determine for price, quantity, lead-time, authorized suppliers and much more. Procurement teams save time, your business saves money, your profit margins improve and overstock or shortages are both kept to a minimum.

  • Production Certainty

  • Reducing Costs

  • picto-cash

    Optimizing Inventory

The Buyer

Choose your purchase settings and ordering options, set up an escalation protocol and watch manual errors disappear as Agatha goes to work.

Buyer’s benefits

Connected via EDI, Agatha joins buyers to sellers in a completely secure and simple package that is easy to implement.

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The Seller

Accessed via EDI connection, Agatha keeps order changes from customers to a minimum, and provides them access to your offers in real-time.

Seller's benefits



Buyer side

  • Automation

    Agatha gives you confidence in production schedules and allows procurement and supply teams to spend time focused on higher value tasks.

  • Inventory & Cash Flow

    Agatha manages orders to optimize stock levels while improving service between buyers and their suppliers.

  • Profit Generation

    Agatha captures real-time opportunities, constantly updating and analyzing market data in order to capture over-stock or end-of-quarter discounts from suppliers.


Seller side

  • Full EDI Connection

    By syncing with your ERP, Agatha simplifies your customers ordering process. Distributors, sellers and manufacturers can say goodbye to a mess of Excel files, PDFs and emails. Orders are received correctly, first time, more often.

  • Decrease Order Variations

    Always-on, Agatha makes decisions based on mutually agreed rules of purchase between buyer and seller, and filtering out unnecessary order changes and buyer errors.

  • Real-Time Opportunities

    With a real-time connection, Agatha allows buyers immediate access to your sales opportunities at prices you set and with no intermediaries.

How does Agatha work?

Agatha is a software package which connects directly to buyer and seller ERP through EDI connection.

Data is transferred to and from Agatha via secure EDI messages. You have full control over every decision via Agatha’s custom interface: set rules by supplier, business unit, bill of material or component. Agatha operates as you wish: set validation rules to release each automatically created order; decide where and when to optimize cash, production certainty or profitability; choose escalation rules which Agatha follows for your team to take action.

Once Agatha is part of your business function, you can focus on more important priorities!

  • Data acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • Order Management & Optimization
  • Team Collaboration
  • Transaction Ratings
  • Data acquisition


    Data acquisition

    Agatha gathers all the information required to make purchasing decisions from your ERP and the various market and supplier data feeds which you provide. Through this analysis, she determines the best decisions and acts immediately based on market conditions.

    Always-on and plugged in to your business data, Agatha knows every aspect of your supply chain: Planning, Contracts, Approved Vendors, Lead Times, Stock Levels, Lifecycles, Last Time Buy, Counterfeit Reports, Multisourcing Availability etc.

    Connected to multiple sources across the electronics industry, she is able to offer real-time knowledge through big data analysis of the market, taking stock levels and lead times by individual component into account.

  • Data Analysis

    Agatha uses best in class analysis techniques to produce results in real-time while optimizing your stock levels:



    • MPN normalization with vertical matching algorithms
    • Risk scoring per MPN with probability law identification
    • Safety lead-time optimization per BOM, based on available market data and the business rules you pre-determine

  • Order Management & Optimization



    Agatha adds a layer of intelligence onto your existing ERP. You don’t have to learn a new and complex tool. Your supply chain accuracy and planning will improve:

    • Automatic order processing through push, pull & cancel requests
    • Reminder batches
    • All batches are optimized based on market trends and customer demand to match each BOM purchasing strategy

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    Agatha orchestrates escalation rules, timing the communication between buyer and seller sides and providing access to relevant information including order & demand history, market conditions, alternatives and over-costs.

    Plus, Agatha establishes communication between team members through a seamless,  user-friendly and integrated messaging system.

    Your team can focus on high value negotiations!

  • Transaction Ratings


    Agatha rates each transaction according to how each condition in order operations has been met. This provides unbiased and truthful logistic support for each part of the supply chain.

    Business partners, buyers and sellers are able to rate each other, improving results on both sides and thereby long term business relations.


  • Supply Team

  • Financial Department

  • Component Supplier

  • Purchasing Team


  • Automotive

  • Industrial

  • Military, Aeronautics

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