Georges Karam: Sequans CEO, Entrepreneur and now member of Precogs board!

We’re excited to disclose that an entrepreneur we really appreciate and admire has joined our board: Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.

Georges Karam Sequans CEO with our team
Precogs Board: Adrien Sandrini, Marc Van Wijlick, Georges Karam, Olivier Dubuisson

Who is Georges Karam?

Georges is the co-founder and CEO of Sequans and it’s a perfect match for Precogs since:

  • Georges has a strong entrepreneurial experience from startup creation (Sequans has been created in 2003) to the New York Stock Exchange IPO (8 years later in 2011);
  • Being the CEO of a leading manufacturer of single-mode 4G LTE semiconductors, Georges has a deep expertise in the electronic industry;
  • We share the same values. No matter how successful he is, Georges is still humble, grateful, approachable and friendly. And Georges is deeply honest.

As you can imagine, Georges is very much in demand as a board member, but he has chosen Precogs because he strongly believes in it’s high potential and in our team.

Wait! That is not new?!

To tell you the truth, Georges was named a member of Precogs board in June 2016. A long time ago for a startup!

At that time, we were not communicating a lot, exclusively focusing on our product, iterating with our industrial partners. Our platform has now been running in production for months: it’s time to communicate!

How Did You Meet?

We simply share the same seed investor: Olivier Dubuisson from CapDecisif Management… and we both really appreciate Olivier since he checks almost all the good investor characteristics:

  • He is available for his portfolio companies almost 24/7 (which implies he sparingly invests no more than once a year);
  • He does not wait for us to ask: he is proactively understanding our current challenges and looking for solutions all the time;
  • He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, being sometimes a recruiter, a mentor, a late-night or early-morning brainstorming partner;
  • He has a lot of experience as an investor (since 2001 he’s successfully led the seed rounds of Sequans Communications, DBV Technologies Euronext: DBV, Voluntis Euronext: VTX, AlephD acquired by AOL);
  • He knows that the startup road is long and winding (and that an investor has to keep money for the next rounds and difficult times);
  • Even if he has an experience in the electronic industry (he has been working at Radiall as a sales), he understands that his knowledge is often much more superficial than our and that — while he can provide great input, advice and a different perspective — he should neither try to micro-manage nor try to make decisions for us;
  • He is humble (you learn humility when you’ve worked as a sales and business developer in an early stage startup — Aqsacom — plus you do understand the startup ups and downs);
  • Last but not least: he makes bold moves. He has strong opinions, listen to his guts, and always invests in companies which all other investors have passed on (first rounds of Sequans Communications, DBV Technologies, Voluntis, AlephD… and Precogs).

What does a Precogs board meeting look like?

Once every two months, we meet together. We follow Mark Suster advice of meeting late in the day in order to continue the discussion around a diner. Board meetings begin by turning (or trying to turn) off our smartphones. We then start with one or two strategic topics and ask the board to bring an external point of view. We then deep dive into the standard topics: sales pipeline, KPIs, OKRs review and cash projection. After more or less tree hours, we go out for diner to continue the discussion in one of the nice Paris restaurant nearby 🙂

Welcome Georges!

We are really proud of Georges involvement into Precogs. Since it already has been a year, I can tell you Georges is really committed and have both the expertise and desire to help us achieve our ambitious goals!

* * *

PS: as you can see, our board is a mirror of our team: small but highly skilled and qualified 🙂

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